At MediAccess Plus Online Services, we understand the need for accessible, adequate and quality health care service delivery. This need gave birth to our healthcare initiative- MediAccess Plus is an Healthcare Telemedical service, with convenient access base to adequate healthcare services.

With our vast knowledge and experience in information technology and the entrance of Public Private Partnership, (PPP) arrangement, we will add a new dynamic into the health care delivery system in Nigeria and it is just a phone call away.

We will create an enabling network where our prospects will, easily, access our Healthcare Telemarketing Service and save the stress and rigor associated with access to medical expertise. This will require accessible subscription to MediAccess Plus services.

Our technology will be well-maintained for maximum productivity. We will work with all the latest tools to make sure we stay competitive and able to provide our clients with accessible and high-quality services.

With both our reliable tech-tools and human resources, we will make interaction between our clients and medical experts very cordial and intimate. Our inbuilt CRM manager, client records and confidentiality are also protected and secured.

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